Royal Lazienki Museum

A team of Mecanoo , Michael van Gessel , Delva Landscape Architects and Jojko Architekci Nawrocki won the competition to design the new garden of the 21st century with the exhibition pavilion built in Warsaw.

The new garden of 2.5 hectares, will be part of Lazienki Park, one of the most important tourist destinations in Warsaw, which includes many buildings of the 18th and 19th centuries such as the Royal Baths , the Roman theater of inspiration and a water tower .

The existing gardens in the park have been designed around these historic buildings. The Garden of the 21st century is special, because the design of the pavilion is derived from that of the landscape. The 1800 m2, where the underground exhibition hall seems to grow out of the corrugated walkway that surrounds the garden . Two entrances were created on the side walls and another outside in the landscape. All this will give access to a central hall that connects two large exhibition halls and two smaller ones . Large circular skylights , emergonodalla walkway and greenery , creating a mysterious play of light and provide natural light in carefully controlled pavilion .

Both the garden and the pavilion will provide a new cultural life to the park , which already has many museums.

The pavilion will host major temporary exhibitions , while the garden will have an important role in environmental education and has the goal of becoming the example of landscape architecture in the 21st century.



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