Live the Profession – second prize competition “Vision Made Visible”

The proposed installation is intended to be a representation of the path that the generalkonsulent faces to reach a target, it must face the complexity of projects and mix conflicts between artistic ambitions, technical feasibility and economic interests.

The prize, after this effort, will be the idea transformed into reality. The architectural design provides different professions who have to work together in the best way to get satisfactory results, the main difficulty to achieve the goal is to make professions and professionals, that most of the time don’t collate, a TEAM. Within the design process, many aspects must be considered: economy, sustainability, green, healthcare, interior design, timing, convenience, concepts, comunications.To explain this multiplicity of shades and professions, the proposed elements have different angles and heights. Visitors who want to experience the pavilion must move in this multiple directions and heights “forest”, only the unilateral direction of the floor will allow them to maintain their way to the exit and the target may be visible only experiencing this multiplicity. Only the generalkonsulent, after having examined all these aspects, can have a unified view of this multiplicity and will be able to synthesize them into a final design and the setting up of a construction phase.

To represent this idea, at the end of the path, all the elements will cooperate together to show a ‘unique’ final image: the Wu University of Wien.


Since we do not know the location, the proposed installation will be flexible and adaptable to each site, the materials used (wood and plexiglass), along with simplicity and lightness, will be key elements for an easy transportation and building, both indoor as outdoor.

The installation LIVE THE PROFESSION – I’m a generalkonsulent, will be realized in three simple steps; the first one is the creation of a platform created by regenerated wood axes  (0.20 m x 3.00 m); wood regenerated, which respects the environment and will serve for formal audience that will host the installation, these ecological panels come from recycled wood chips, furniture and old toys, branches and pruning of trees, wooden packaging, fruit crates and scraps; the second one is the assembly and tightening of steel elements (0.6 m high) that will be the support for the box; the  third and final phase is the placement of the plexiglass box above the support.

The materials will be simple and easy to find, inexpensive and very flexible, all the cuts and grooves can be made directly in the university laboratory.


In a external/illuminated space the installation the word will be cutted in plexiglass while the final image will be created with a print on plexiglass, the surface of each panel will be completely filled by a fragment of the image (resulting by a simple study of proportions and perspective) from the initial image of Wu Campus. In an internal/lighting controlled space the installation the word will be cutted in plexiglass while the final image will be created with a projector that projects an image on plexiglass.



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