Green boulevard

Firms OAM Architecture & Itinerant Office have produced a research / project to the A1 motorway Rome-Salerno.

The project try to create a relation between the street/train way and the context expanding the concept of the normal road sign to something new,whit more impact, that could give direct informations about the beauty and typical carachters that lives around it and so increase the curiosity and knowledge of the voyagers doing in the same way a sort of “publicity” for the local cultures and beautyes.

This new “panels” will be an innovation also becouse with theyr particular structure will produce energy: the image of the pannel is created by a moltiplicity of small sheets free to flut that contains piezoeletric chips and solar films that exploit the energy of the wind, rain and the power of sun simply fluttering (piezoeletric energy) and capturing the light (solar energy).

this kind of energy production is particulary indicated for the context in witch we are working because the structure, positioned around the street / train rail permit to trasform the normal circulation of veicles into a form of energy: the wind produced by the transit of a car,a truck or a train will increase the fluttering of the panels..and so create more energy added to one created by the athmospheric wind.

So the project want to be something able to comunicate, give informations and that can exploit at the best the energetic potentiality of the natural and artificial context.

the final impact that we want to show is a structure that seems to be something simple,light, that can follow the atmospherical conditions mooving whit them, but in the end is something really innovative that have a direct relation whit new energetical tecnologies and the virtual world of informations.


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