Kinderspital Zurich Herzog de Meuron

The project for the Children’s Hospital provides two complementary buildings, the main building, the hospital for examination and treatment of children and adolescents, the second is the center of teaching and research at the service of scientific work and the mediation.

The ‘Children’s Hospital consists of a 3-storey building built around a series of patios; architecture and nature intertwine here. The courtyards are opened intermittently outwards, allowing light to permeate the building low and deep.

Each of the three floors has a dedicated function, which is reflected in the arrangement of the rooms, and designed to provide maximum flexibility. Examination, treatment rooms and laboratories are located on the ground floor, as well as treatment facilities and the restaurant, while doctors’ offices are on the first floor.

Wood is the predominant material of the facades and interiors, creating a more home for the children.

The Center for Teaching and Research, an independent building up and round, is located in an open area in the center of campus that includes several health clinics.

This is a public building, of course, in which everything revolves around scientific research and its dissemination. Six floors of research laboratories and offices are hovering above a kind of agora consists of rooms and auditorium seminars. A central courtyard, circular, follows the course of the sun.

Although the two types of construction are typologically different, they are related architecturally. Both have an overlap of rectangular and circular geometries.



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