Live the Leaf

The Scope of Peje East occupies a strip of the urban context, having a vertical axis in a north / south. The strip is defined Karagaci north from the park and sporting facilities, now rarely used, and perhaps too distracting. This forces a strong sign unbreakable link between the two areas, the existing and expanding, in fact there should be a continuous green, almost a backbone that links the two green centers, which relates to the residential areas east and south and that binds to the green that permeates the area from the hill to the west and south.

Each square can occur through a different poetic reading of the living environment with the calm serenity of seats, trees, green water, with no motor vehicles except in the two paths that connect the main lens with Zatra and the District of South ‘project area.
The green will extend coverage both at 0 give a feeling of continuity and the bodies of the university buildings.



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