Garden City

We are in Milan, on the roof terrace of the local ATM, Ramparts area of Porta Volta, here is an example of “extreme” of urban garden. Produced and edited by Richard Rinetti a year by photographer and director Paul Calcagni and two agronomists, these five tanks of wood, not too high, to work the land more easily accommodate a small crop of eggplant, carrots, fennel, beans beans, onions, cabbages, peppers and chillies also.

Of course, besides its agronomic this project called ‘The Garden contemporary spoiled and wild’ has another side, becoming a movie, where you tell the different stages of growth naturally without any chemical additives to improve its

Features of this garden city:

five wooden tubs

special fund of canvas that lets the moisture,

layer of expanded clay

very fertile soil, light, mixed with pumice.



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